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President - Mr Subramanyam Venkatramani's address to the club

It is a privilege to be associated with The Calcutta Gymkhana that has nurtured so many lawn tennis players of repute, who have gone on to bring laurels to the state and to the country, in different tournaments and at various levels.


I see a sparkle in the eye of every kid stepping onto the court here, holding a racket for the first time. This sparkle turns into eagerness, as the kid awaits the ball to be returned from the other side of the net.


For the others, be it an eighteen year old, or a forty year old, or a sixty five year old, who have been playing for some time now, the Gymkhana is a home away from home….needless to say, the time spent on the courts makes one forget the daily worries, and of course, that it acts as a positive catalyst in keeping us healthy and fit is an added bonus.

Secretary - Mr Amiya Bhattacharyya's address to the club

A warm welcome to all of you – website visitors, club members, players and family, staff and club business partners.

I have been associated with the club since 1968, and would like to thank the club, for giving me an opportunity to serve the club as General Secretary for the past 20 years. 

We have moved forward with determination in the face of many challenges that our club has faced during my tenure. We have always put the interests of our members first, keeping intact their professional values and standards, support staff and tennis fraternity. 

The club was established in 1930, on the land given by Calcutta Improvement Trust (CIT)/Calcutta Metropolitan Corporation (CMC). Over the years, as “Lawn Tennis” dropped “Lawn” from its nomenclature, and came to be more popularly known to be just “Tennis”, the initially existing grass courts made way for Clay courts, adding variety to the surface options. 

Initially, our club had all 6 grass courts, and members could play only for six months in a year, given the long monsoon season in Kolkata. In late 1970s, we started converting the grass courts to clay courts, and today we have 2 grass courts and 4 clay courts within our club premises. However, despite enormous pressure, we have resolutely resisted the temptation of a full conversion to clay courts just to uphold the traditional grass surface. 

In 2000, state of the art floodlighting was established in the clay courts. Thus, Calcutta Gymkhana was among the first clubs in the city, along with other prominent clubs like Calcutta South Club and Saturday Club, to have floodlit courts. 

Young tennis enthusiasts as well as budding champions, all found their way to Calcutta Gymkhana in Park Circus, to hone their tennis skills. While others grew and provided the glitz and glamour to tennis, our club remained true to its primary intention – a tennis club. 

Over the past decades, we have had multiple tennis coaching schools and camps, where about 400 students learn the basics of tennis. We continue to strive and offer an affordable opportunity to everyone, from young children to elderly pensioners, to enjoy the sport we all love – Tennis. 

Serious hurdles with legal implications have prevented us from going in for any major revamps or upgrades in the facilities. However, we have been allowed certain cosmetic changes in the club premises. These include the newly constructed dressing rooms and gymnasium, adjacent to the clay courts. The major recent highlight in our club has been the installation of high-mast stadium type floodlighting in the courts, which give a stadium feel. We are confident of solving the legal hurdles, in the near future, which will be effective towards modernization and up-gradation of our club.

Executive Committee Members

Vice Presidents - Ajay Kumar Das, Kalyan Singha, Suboraj Ghosh

Assistant Secretaries - Ronny Sarkar, Krishanu De

Ground Secretary - Anwar Ali

Members - Anshuman Acharya, Atanu Chatterjee, Muktadir Ahmed 

                Prasenjit Ghosh, Tapan Halder, Waqar Zafar

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