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Applying to become a member of the Club

   Ordinary/General Membership:

  1. Qualifying Criteria:

    1. Should be a tennis player / enthusiast.

    2. Should have passed high school.

    3. Should have a proposer and a seconder, who necessarily has to be a general / life member of the club.

    4. Minimum age of entry should be 18 years.

  2. One Time entrance Fee – Rs. 2 lakhs (may be subject to revisions based on Committee recommendations)

  3. Monthly Subscription – As finalized by the Committee from time to time.

  4. Privileges:

    1. Can play Tennis in the Member’s time free of cost.

    2. Member’s sons and daughters (below 18 years of age) can also play tennis in the member’s time free of cost (subject to court availability).

    3. Can use indoor games and activity centres along with the Gymnasium.

    4. Can access all areas in the club reserved for members.

    5. The Sons and Daughter of the members, after they have turned 18 year old, can become member of the club, by paying  25% of Entrance Fee applicable for new member at that time.

    6. Shall have voting rights in the AGM, after 3 years of uninterrupted membership (as per Club constitution).

    7. Shall get preference in getting court booking, as compared to a non-member or an associate member.

          Other membership types are - Junior Member, Associate Member, Corporate Member

          Please check with club office for further information or to collect the application form.

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